We strive to breed dogs with good mental and physical health that can do well in all aspects. Dogs that can do lurecoursing, that have a heart and joy for training and learning and are true to the standard. And still be the best familymembers.


If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, we would first like to meet and to get know you. It is important to us that our puppies are in the hands of people who will take good care of them. We do not sell only on mail or phonecontact.


We also would like to keep in contact with our puppybuyers so that we can follow our furbabies thru their life. We will always be there for the new family, to answer questions or to be supportive in any way.


If you are interested or have questions about our dogs or the breed, please call or email us.

If you are thinking about getting a pharaoh hound but first want to meet one and see if it is the right breed for you, you are warmly welcome to visit us and meet our dogs.




Lotta Engström Sundberg

Grinnekullegatan 128

417 42 Göteborg

046 (0) 708 177305


Exciting puppyplans for spring 2018. More information coming soon

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