Pharaoh hounds


The past year ....

2014 was a quiet year due to my health but have had some highlights.

Our family expanded in March with a small red girl to Ashelia - Real Life Ashelia. Many thanks to Maria Johansson, from the bottom of my heart for this lovely, crazy little girl. Ashelia went straight into the family like she always belonged here.

On the SighthoundSpecial on Tånga Hed in June our young stars Yazza and Yasper became SEUCH. So happy that they both took their last CC at the same show.  Yasper won BOB and his mother Yagah BOS. Yasper was later in the finals placed as Best In Show Working Dog and Best In Show 3. Our breedergroup placed as Best In Show 3

Illostras red ones also had success on the lurecoursingfields. Henke began the Lc-season with a BOB, CAC, Yagah took at a later contest also BOB and CAC.

Yasper made his first year in the fields and has really shown that he loves to run. He has competed in a total of 7 times resulting in 2 BOB and CAC in Sweden, one BOB and CAC in Norway and one second place with CC in Denmark. With this, he was Sweden Topwinning Lurecoursing Pharaoh Hound 2014.

In 2012 & 2013 his uncle Akilles gained the award.

It feels wonderful that Luna's children and grandchildren have become equally as great coursingdogs as she was.